QUALITY. The Fine manual fusion machine series have been used for more than 10 years in water distribution, mining industry, and municipal usage. In July 2011, just a few months after the New Year, ConEdison Water Co., in Vietnam bought 50 sets of manual fusion machines, and continues to use in sewage treatment with high.. read more →

Every heating plate has a very thin layer of Teflon coating which is easily scraped off. This kind of coating stops fused polyethylene adhering to the heater surfaces firmly, and they must be cleaned always. 1. As the coating is removed easily, metal tools should NEVER be used to clean the surface of heating plate... read more →

Fine polyfusion provides butt fusion machines available from Dn 50mm to Dn 1600mm. Large scale of fusion machines have the same steps for usage, care, set-up, operation and maintainence. We provide the manuals for right instructions on use, care, set-up, operation and maintainence of the butt fusion machines. Hydraulic fusion machines control the proper power.. read more →

We are facing a crisis in our pipe infrastructure, lots of which was built several decades ago. In the next few decades, most will face huge money for replacement because huge amount of ductile iron and concrete pipe structures finished their lives. Experts trust that with the developing technologies of pe piping and heat fusion.. read more →

The FDC 500 polyethylene weding machine can be used to fusion weld from DN 280mm to Dn 500mm. Fine PolyFusion Co., Ltd. is being facing the challenge in the wide demands of range between FDC 450 pipe fusing machine and FDC 630 Pipe Fusion Equipment. Since its appreance, the order coming soon and FDC 500.. read more →