budget for hdpe cage http://www.finefusionmachine.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/budget-for-hdpe-cage.xlsx       Note:1.Please put the diameter, others will be calculated automatically.      2.Our cages are designed with 2 rings of floating pipes.      3.The material is HDPE 100 and new.      4.The cost just for material, installing fee is exclusive, FOB Chinese Port.      5.We can supply turn-key projects,.. read more →

Visy Desalination Plant – Brisbane, QLD Intake, diffuser, plant pipework Shut-down work Replacement of ABS plastic and corroded stainless steel pipework with HDPE read more →

Luggage Point Alliance – Brisbane, QLD 8km of 800mm – two lines 1.2km of 800mm and 710mm – raw water lines Fabrication work Outlet diffuser design and construct Tool:plastic pipe welding equipment FDC 800 read more →

Gold Coast Desalination Plant, QLD 7.5km of 110mm – three lines 5km of 160mm – two lines 100m of 90mm – diffuser fabrication work Fabrication works tool: fusion welding machines FDC 160 read more →

  1km of 140mm (submerged) 2.2km of 110mm 1.1km of 90mm Tool:fusion welding machines FDC 160 read more →

8km of DN 280mm  watersuppy hdpe pipeline dn280×25.40 SDR11  1.6MPa Tool: hdpe fusion machine FDE 315 read more →

Irribiz – Warren, NSW 800m of 1600mm Tool: poly welding equipment FDC 1600 750m of 800mm Tool: plastic pipe welding equipment FDC 800 50m of 630mm too: pipe fusion equipment FDC 630 read more →

QAL Red Mud Dam #2 - Boyne Island, QLD 3km of 800mm Fabrication of 1000mm manifold Tool: poly fusion machine read more →

Gladstone Water/Coe Drilling – underwater lines for directional drillers from RG Tanna Coal Terminal to Curtis Island, Gladstone, QLD 2.5km of 250mm sewer Tool: Hdpe Pipe Welding Equipment – FDC 250 2.5km of 500mm water main Tool:polyethylene weding machine FDC 500 read more →

Sunwater - Moranbah, QLD 70km of 450mm and 500mm Tool:polyethylene welding machine FDC 500   read more →