Fine PolyFusion Co., Ltd. becomes the market leader in Vietnam in supplying socket fusion machines,butt fusion machines and electrofusion machines in gas and water industry.

Fine PolyFusion Co., Ltd. Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, is about to cooperate with Shenaes Pipe Company in Haiphong Vietnam. This middle-scale factory becomes the local leader for socket fusion machines, butt fusion machines and electrofusion machines. Fine PolyFusion Co., Ltd. has been distributed in this city for many years. The cooperation with Shenaes Pipe Company can solidify its position in fusion machines in whole Vietnam. The acquisition can be finished in the first season in 2012. All participators have a meeting to not disclose the details.

Opened in 10 years ago, Shenaes Pipe Comany sales more than USD 1 million with employees over 100. Besides the headquarter in Haiphong, they have a factory and sales department in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Lang son. They produce plastic pipes and fittings, usually for water, gas and mining in Vietnam. With its leading position in Haiphong even whole vietnam. With the same purpose, Fine PolyFusion Co., Ltd. provide the top quality fusion machines, socket fusion machines and electrofusion machines in the same market.