pipe fitting equipment FDD 800

FDD 800 is a powerful pipe fitting equipment suitable for PE pipes or PP tube, as well as fittings. High quality design and construction provide an extraordinary butt welding machine in the factory. The use of high quality Aluminium castings allows for lower weight without compromising strength and performance.

Technical Date:

  • Model: Pipe Fitting Equipment – FDD 800
  • Genuine 12 month international warranty
  • Fixture range: 560-800mm
  • Suitable for Elbow(0-90°), tee, cross, Y tee
  • Angle reading precision: ±2°
  • Cutter: 3Kw
  • Oil pump: 3Kw
  • heating: 30Kw
  • Insulation: Grade E
  • Complete alert function for different fault
  • Layer clamps(mm): 800, 710, 630, 560
  • Power: 380V 50Hz(220V, 60Hz optional)
  • Weight: 4500 kgs
  • Packing size: 2500cm*3800cm*1800cm, 780cm*550cm*1000cm, 600cm*450cm*650cm

Pipe Fitting Equipment – FDD 800

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