Finepoly is a Chinese local factory with global distributors. We repute to provide economic advantages to our clients by using our butt fusion machines. With fusion machines now operating in more than 15 countries and areas, Finpoly promises to our clients and assurance to provide the top quality fusion machines in the global market means.. read more →

Fine polyfusion provides butt fusion machines available from Dn 50mm to Dn 1600mm. Large scale of fusion machines have the same steps for usage, care, set-up, operation and maintainence. We provide the manuals for right instructions on use, care, set-up, operation and maintainence of the butt fusion machines. Hydraulic fusion machines control the proper power.. read more →

Requirement of butt fusion machine in globle markets The rising requirement for hdpe pipes has resulted in the rapid demand of a strong welding industry. In China a lot of companies are devoted themselves to provide of all types of fusion machines which meet the the hdpe pipe welding demands of wide range of applications... read more →