Gladstone Water/Coe Drilling – underwater lines for directional drillers from RG Tanna Coal Terminal to Curtis Island, Gladstone, QLD 2.5km of 250mm sewer Tool: Hdpe Pipe Welding Equipment – FDC 250 2.5km of 500mm water main Tool:polyethylene weding machine FDC 500 read more →

Saipem Singapore – Blacktip Oil and Gas Field 2.2km of 160mm offshore submarine line to gas field tool: FDC 160 read more →

Kunming CGE Water Supply Co., Ltd (Kunming CGE) was established in May 2006 as a result of an international bid organized by Kunming Municipality to designate an international private water operator that would acquire 49% shares in the newly formed joint venture company (JVC) while the municipal authorities would retain the remaining 51% of the.. read more →

Australia  has emerged as an important export market for Fine PolyFusion Co., Ltd. Exports to Australia this fiscal jumped 10% primarily due to the big demand from this amazing country. read more →

UAE will restart a number of tourist, entertainment and real estate construction projects. Due to the prosperity and development of the real estate industry, the UAE construction heavy machinery, infrastructure equipment and other equipment market share of approximately $ 1.4 billion. Heavy machinery and infrastructure equipment market size of approximately $ 1.03 billion, scrapers market.. read more →

China-Indonesia relations continue to improve, which also makes the two sides in the field of economic and trade cooperation is widely strengthen. India import and export markets on butt fusion machine and socket fusion machines quality, price, and other requirements similar to the Chinese fusion machines and hdpe welders, development of butt fusion machines’ industry.. read more →

Finepoly is a Chinese local factory with global distributors. We repute to provide economic advantages to our clients by using our butt fusion machines. With fusion machines now operating in more than 15 countries and areas, Finpoly promises to our clients and assurance to provide the top quality fusion machines in the global market means.. read more →

The FDC 500 polyethylene weding machine can be used to fusion weld from DN 280mm to Dn 500mm. Fine PolyFusion Co., Ltd. is being facing the challenge in the wide demands of range between FDC 450 pipe fusing machine and FDC 630 Pipe Fusion Equipment. Since its appreance, the order coming soon and FDC 500.. read more →

01 Dec 2012
December 1, 2012

fusion jointing hdpe pipes

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“The fundamental of heat fusion welding is to heat two hdpe pipe surfaces to an appropriate temperature, changing the molecular structure to an amorphous(pliable state), then join them together by using of specified power till cooling time, then recovering this material to a crystalline condition and produce an even pipe.” If the fusing power is.. read more →

Aller copper, a top factory, provide copper tubes in Zhejiang Province in China. The copper tubes are widely used in air conditions all over the world. This company has a history of 2 decades in copper milling, in Vietnam, this company has another rolling mill line, casthouse and wast recycling equipment. This factory has been.. read more →