Luggage Point Alliance – Brisbane, QLD 8km of 800mm – two lines 1.2km of 800mm and 710mm – raw water lines Fabrication work Outlet diffuser design and construct Tool:plastic pipe welding equipment FDC 800 read more →

Irribiz – Warren, NSW 800m of 1600mm Tool:poly welding equipment FDC 1600 750m of 800mm Tool: plastic pipe welding equipment FDC 800 50m of 630mm Tool: pipe fusion equipment FDC 630 read more →

Finepoly is a Chinese local factory with global distributors. We repute to provide economic advantages to our clients by using our butt fusion machines. With fusion machines now operating in more than 15 countries and areas, Finpoly promises to our clients and assurance to provide the top quality fusion machines in the global market means.. read more →