QUALITY. The Fine manual fusion machine series have been used for more than 10 years in water distribution, mining industry, and municipal usage. In July 2011, just a few months after the New Year, ConEdison Water Co., in Vietnam bought 50 sets of manual fusion machines, and continues to use in sewage treatment with high satisfaction. Joint quality and integrity is better than any other fusion machines on the market, and all clients consider this machine to have excellent effectivity.
EASY TO OPERATE. The FINE manual fusion machine is very simple to operate. Many client think training takes 10% of the time needed for an hydraulic fusion machine. It can raise the employee’s productivity obviously. Fusion Joint productivity is very good, too: Some clients said they could make 3 more connections per half hour with a manual fusion machine.
LESS MAINTENANCE. The fine manual fusion machine is an excellent robust and credible fusion machine. With fewer components and a simpler design, maintenance will cost a little, while more productivity.

COST. The savings just start with the purchase. On all the life of the manual fusion machines, reduced maintenance and training costs continue to add value to your investment.

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