Every heating plate has a very thin layer of Teflon coating which is easily scraped off. This kind of coating stops fused polyethylene adhering to the heater surfaces firmly, and they must be cleaned always.

1. As the coating is removed easily, metal tools should NEVER be used to clean the surface of heating plate.

2. Wooden tools and clean, dry, lint-free rags and all-cotton rags are recommended for cleaning the surface.

3. If the Teflon coating is broken, the heating plate should be recoated.

4. Before using, remember to remove dirt, after using, clean heaters with wooden implements and clean rags to remove fused plastic.

5. At the end of heating fusion cycle, check the ends to be joint quickly. Ensure the sufficient and uniform fusing patterns. Connecting pe pipes no more than 3 seconds.

6. If the pattern is non-uniform, cool the hdpe pipe, cut off the pipe ends and repeat the steps.

7. Observe the right temperature of heating plate surface, The digital thermomenter read a higher temperature than the surface. Check the thermometer frequently for consistent readings.

8. Never put a hot heating plate on the ground or grass when the heating step is finished.

Put it into the holder after heating.

Soil may bring dirt to the joint and destroy the heating plate; grass could burn and break the surface.