Fine polyfusion provides butt fusion machines available from Dn 50mm to Dn 1600mm. Large scale of fusion machines have the same steps for usage, care, set-up, operation and maintainence. We provide the manuals for right instructions on use, care, set-up, operation and maintainence of the butt fusion machines. Hydraulic fusion machines control the proper power when facing, heating, and fusing. The fusion machines can add power to resolve the inherent dragging power or outside powers putting on the hdpe pipe.

1. Planing tool should be given a pressure that can plane the both faced ends.
2. When heating, the pressure must be added so the two ends against the heater, but are not forced against the heater(zero contact pressure).
3. Pressure for fusion can be used as connecting pressures as follows:

Fusion Interface Pressure Instructions:

Heating plate Connection Temperature Connection Pressure
440℉+-10℉ 60+-15pis
550℉+-10℉ 80+-15pis

Fixing right inserts for the pipes is necessary.
IFS diameters are for IFS(steal)pipes; DIPS diameters are for ductile iron pipes.

Surfaces for heating plate must be clear and compatible for dirt, oil, grease melted plastic or charred plastic. For clean the heating plate, using wooden tools and clean, dry. lint-free non-synthetic cloths. Do not damage the important coated surfaces.

Checking the heating plate temperature by an infrared thermometry. Changing the heating plate if necessary from 40℉ t 10℉ or 500℉ t 10℉ surface temperature.
(Note: the heater thermometers tell internal, not surface temperature.)