ICON Tunnel Systems offers a full line of Bohrtec pilot tube microtunneling systems that consist of 10 different machines with the ability to install pipes with outside diameters from 4 to 55 inches.

The pilot tube line offers jacking forces ranging from 35,070.2 lbf up to 708,148 lbf and a Digital Theodolite guidance system to help utility contractors complete trenchless pipe installations within a 1-inch line and grade tolerance.

Each pilot tube machine offers individual control levers that allow the operator three movement options: forward, reverse and a rotational movement. For ease of monitoring and recording the machine’s operation throughout, hydraulic gauges are mounted in the operator’s line of sight, above the individual control levers.

The Compact line consists of four models, the BM150D, BM150DT, BM400 and the BM500, which are perfect for inner-city work as they require smaller jacking pits and can also be used in circular shafts and larger pipes for dead end drilling applications. The BM400 model can be used in conjunction with an auger-boring rig for up to 500-feet drive lengths.

The Long Frame line was designed for projects that require larger pipe diameters and longer drives. This line consists of the BM400LS, BM600LS, BM800L and the BM800LS that are capable of drive lengths up to 394 feet. Expansion legs can be added to these units in order to install up to 50-feet long pipes.

ICON’s Long Compact line, the BM400LSC and BM600LSC have adjustable frames allowing for setup and operation in small and large jacking pits. This line can install up to 48-inch O.D. pipe in as little as a 12-foot round shaft or square pit. Expansion legs can also be purchased for these units as well in order to install up to 50-feet long pipes.

Power Packs for the various pilot tube models range from 67 to 214 horsepower depending on the machine chosen for maximum production. These power packs offer a diesel engine and variable speed with silencer built in. Each system will provide hydraulic flow of 0 to 34.8 gpm and up to 5,000-psi working pressure.